Lost Gnome #11

A clue for you, gnome seeker...

Looking for a lost gnome? Where to start? What to do?

Head to Rosedale Park

and let’s have a lark!

At the end of the playground

There is a home

At the corner of which

You’ll find a gnome

Under densely packed trees

Along a fence line

There in the dirt

where the sun doesn’t shine

Scroll with compass transparent.png

Stand tall and trim like cedar grim

Look carefully to the dark

What you seek o’ pilgrim meek

Lies in the farthest corner of this park

Every child is a dewdrop, imagination is a cloud

Play is the engine, the magic breathed aloud

To slide, to jump, to run carefree

To see life new, we can but once in each lifetime

We must not fail to part the vail, let heart and head align

Take these clues and do not fail

to apply them to the park

called Rosedale