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#12 FOUND: And...The Anatomy of a Clue

#12 Pip was found at Sunrise Park! Congrats on the very diligent and hard work of everyone who looked and remember, #10 and #11 are STILL OUT THERE. For your edification below, I will dissect the anatomy of a clue. It might help you understand how the brain of the Gnomebassador works:

The Clue for #12

If you don’t know where to go, go home

Or instead moll it over, ‘til you’ve shed

Your picnic of uncertainty

Beneath your archway of infinity

The Meaning

Home inStead = home-stead = homestead

Moll = MollER: Moller is the last name of the homesteader who made Sunrise Park their home. Thus "Moll" is the first part of the name "Moller."

Picnic = Pip the Gnome was hiding just a few feet behind a picnic table at the park.

Archway = There is a wooden archway on the beach. The gnome was not close to it, but it would have helped you identify the correct park.

Shed = The gnome was not in the shed, but there is a shed in the parking lot. Again, this is a clue to the park's location.

So...many of the clues are more general than specific, but a few will get you close to the gnome. Which are which? The fun part is figuring it out. Sometimes words have double or even triple meanings, and sometimes the clue is contained in just part of a part of a word.

I hope these insights help you you have fun, my gnomies. Happy seeking. Long may you hunt!


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