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Changes to Site: FREE Stuff

The Gnomebassador promised a free gift a few days ago, and it hath arrived! I spoke to Qwannyth, Grand Dame of the Underplace, the Home of The Gnomes and she authorized me to create licenses for gnome seeking for you, good people of The Upper Place (as it's known in the gnome world)..

There is no expiration date to these licenses. They come in parchment and one with blank background, so that you can print it out in a different color if you like. Just click the button and it will take you to a PDF document you may download or print. Now if anyone questions you or you find a gnome and it wonders what you're up to you can take out your license and say, "The Gnomebassador sent me." Whether you find a gnome or not, we hope you revel in the joy of seeking them out. This is our way of saying thank you for playing.

Long may you hunt--and long may you find--joy that is--in all of your endeavors great and small.



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