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Diary of a Lost Gnome: Part II

Day 26 in Human Land

Someone called me “mini-Santa Claus” and asked if I had any presents. I miss home and the Grand Dame. I miss Song and Dance Jolly Times with all my gnome friends.

Day 35 in Human Land

Met with Constable Dan Durpin of the Gig Harbor Elemental Division after he saw me walking down the street wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He said that Qwannyth, Grand Dame of the Gnomes has been looking for me and the others for a while now. Tonight I’m staying with the (human) King and Queen of the Ruckus until I return home to the Underplace. I need a hug.

Day 36 in Human Land

The Queen of the Ruckus fed me a mushroom ice cream cone. She’s nice. I skipped stones with the Ruckus King and played Hongray Hongray Hippos with their melancholy robot. The Queen of the Ruckus tucked me in to bed and told me a story about how squirrels get their tails.

Day 37 in Human Land

This morning the King of the Ruckus gave me a beard comb, showed me how to use an electric trimmer too. He said that I can be an honorary Ruckateer if I want to.


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