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A message from Qwannyth, Grand Dame of the Underplace, Protector of the Gnomes:

Greetings seekers,

The first four gnomes have been found. #1 Doosul was in Sehmel Homestead Park. #2 Doopun was in Harbor Family Park. #3 Pat was in Narrows Park. #4 Lolly was at Gig Harbor City Hall. Did you not find a gnome?


For 16 more

will be placed out there

The second batch of four

Will be hidden soon

So my hooman friends, please stay tuned

Obor the Obscurator

Can be quite the infuriator

With his riddlesome tricks

But we shine a light in his fog

With flashlights and candlesticks

The light we shine is the light of truth

On Obor the short of temper and long of tooth

Remember my friends, have fun, fun, fun

And you will have Happy Times

Before the day is done

Long may you hunt!

--Qwannyth, Grand Dame of the Underplace, Protector of Gnomes


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