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Join the Raffle for Unclaimed Prize

Dear Gnomies,

No one claimed #11 within the 24 hour time period I set so the prize will be raffled off. If you are interested in joining the raffle, please send your name and address to me through the website contact form or through this address: Lots of folks have mentioned to me that they enjoy searching for gnomes more than receiving prizes. That warms my heart.

If you find a gnome, you certainly don't have to claim the prize if you don't want to, but **please let me know if you find a gnome** so that I can tell everybody else to stop looking. This just helps everyone have a good experience. Besides, we want to share in each others' joys and successes too! We can't do that if we don't know what happened to the gnomes. To everyone: this round of the game is officially over, but let's have that raffle! And...there are still 8 more gnomes to find. We'll be back at it in August. Stay tuned.

May the gnomes be with you. Good vibes to you all.



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