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More clues coming soon...

A message from the Gnomebassador:

If one week goes by after the current crop of gnomes has been hidden and they still have not been found, additional clues will be added. The latest crop of gnomes, 5, 6, 7, 8, were added last Thursday, June 3rd. Two of those gnomes have been found (5 & 6) and two remain hidden (7 & 8) as of this writing. If they still have not been found by this Thursday, June 10th, additional clues will be published on the home page in the same place as the other clues. From now on, this will be the continuing practice. Whenever a gnome is missing, news clues will be published once a week from the date it was hidden.

One thing to know about the clues:

Some of them will lead you directly to the gnome. Other clues will get you close, but not to the exact spot where the gnome is hiding. Simply put, some gnomes will be harder to find than others. Every word in every clue can have several meanings. If you feel like you're in the place where the clues ought to have led you--think like a gnome. Where would you hide? Remember, none of of the gnomes require shovels or tools or digging to find but they will be hidden from plain view.

Some other things to keep in mind:

Did you know that the Gnomebassador was once a treasure hunter who came within 50 feet of finding a gold coin worth $5000 and winning a contest? Hmm. Yes, indeed! It was the thrill of the hunt that was the most exciting, coming close to that medallion and having all my senses engaged in being on a quest that made it so memorable. Worthwhile quests are never easy...but there are many ways to have success and be victorious.

Your mission:

  1. Have fun.

  2. Take heart.

  3. See/feel/experience something new

  4. Never give up.

Feel free to contact me to let me know how it's going. I'm happy to listen. Though I cannot give out extra clues, I am happy to offer you support and encouragement.

Long may you hunt.


The Gnomebassador


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