• Gnomebassador


Gnomes 9-12 are on the ground (or near the ground), waiting to be found...

Riddles are enigmatic for a reason

To untie their knots for you would be treason

If you privately entreat me, for extra clues to reveal

Alas, my friends this little piggy for no one shall squeal

Some clues are confusing

Some clues quite specific

Some are poetic

Some…when my meter and rhyme are a bit off and I’m getting tired at the end of a long day and I just want to brush my teeth and go to bed…not terrific.

All will aid you in some way in your quest

Even if they’re maddening—just…maddening! You protest!

If a fortnight passes and no gnome is found

Fear not, Harborite! I shall write another round!



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The last medallion was found! Two medallions were found and not reported so those prizes will be raffled off. Thanks to all who played!