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Please Remember to HAVE FUN & STAY SAFE

Hey Gnomies, I just wanted to again emphasize that #11 WAS NOT FOUND AND IS NOT IN THE GAME. Someone took #11 and did not report it, so I am not able to say what happened to it or why it's not there. I'm so sorry! Please bear in mind that Gnomes Away From Home is a game. Let me let you in on a secret: I too have been on a treasure hunt where I came extremely close to finding a medallion. It was worth $5000! I could've become angry or sad about "losing" but instead I chose to win by cherishing the true treasure, which is the memory I made of the adventure I had pursuing the medallion. That's the treasure, my friends. Cherish every moment you're out there looking, and please be safe and don't push yourself to the point where you're taking risks, getting hurt, or it's not fun anymore. 😃


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Last Medallion Found

The last medallion was found! Two medallions were found and not reported so those prizes will be raffled off. Thanks to all who played!