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Regarding "Moll"

There has been some confusion about a clue: "Moll" IS spelled correctly and refers to something in Gig Harbor. Remember: things have symbolic as well as literal meanings, and can mean multiple things at the same time--some of which I intend, some of which I do not. Part of your quest is to sort out what from what and this from that. As Obi Wan Kenobi might say, "trust your feelings." If something doesn't seem like the right meaning, it likely isn't. Also remember, things with funny spellings have ironic meanings and are not unintended misspellings, but there to give you additional clues. "Put it all together now: If you have nowhere to go, go home. Or instead, moll it over." You have all you need within those quotation marks to find the park where #12 resides. Good luck, gnomies! --The Gnomebassador


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