• Gnomebassador

The Medallion Hunt Begins!

Medallion Hunt Clues

The lost gnomes have all

found good homes

Qwannyth, their long-suffering Queen

Wants to reward Harborites

With gold’s shiny sheen

On lanyards there dangle

magical medallions eight

Upon this riddle, meditate:

All eight lay in row on hill

And in vales

Awaiting discovery by hearty and hale

The path bisects this fair city

Offering scenes of the forest pretty

Beside benches for the short of breath

Bucolic bliss to the right and the left

Past rock retaining wall, moss veiled

And pups greeting each other with a wag of the tail

Look at a map, then look towards the middle

And look for lagomorphs that nibble

Behind or beside every bench, fence, bush or tree

There lies potential and possibility

But you and your kin

Must not find and take more than one

Or else for 7 others you’ll spoil the fun

And lose your luck and the prize

That sparkles bright before your eyes

If you find a medallion,

the game is not through

Contact the Gnomebassador

To learn what to do.

And do yourself a favor on this lark

Don’t go looking after dark

And digging and climbing are not required

(you’ll be doing enough already to get tired!)


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The last medallion was found! Two medallions were found and not reported so those prizes will be raffled off. Thanks to all who played!