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The Next Gnomes...and Medallions...?

Howdy folks: I just wanted to give everyone a big thumbs-up and wink to all who have so gleefully participated in Gnomes Away From Home thus far and are turning it into such a fun event. It's incredibly heartwarming to see so much enthusiasm! THANK YOU.

Just a reminder that there are STILL 16 GNOMES YET TO BE FOUND. The next batch of 4 will be hidden in early June. I am as excited as you are to see them out there. This is the very first time ever that GAFH has been run, so I very much appreciate your patience for any bumps, kinks and glitches, which I work hard to resolve as soon as they arise. There will be some tweaks to the rules of the game for the next round due to some confusion that occurred in round one (I'll announce those changes when the time comes). The gist is that it will be even more fun, for even more people--which was always the goal.

Also, a special announcement: the fun will not stop after the gnomes are all found. No friends, the conclusion of the gnome treasure hunt will just be the beginning of another treasure hunt for EIGHT GOLD MEDALLIONS, which will also be part of a larger riddle to be solved...Again, thank you, Gig Harbor! Stay tuned and long may you hunt. May the gnomes be with you.

--The Gnomebassador


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